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Autumn has spent years in the business testing different methods. After 16 years I believe in mixing the different methods to have a positive cohesive household with pets and humans; Youwill receive factual important information that will last the next 20 years of your dog’slife. Improving quality of the relationship between K9 & Human.  When you sign up for any of our programs we strive for stronger more educated owners & Happy well-trained Dogs.

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Here at our resort we love to work with our clients in coming up with achievable training goals .


  Basic, Intermediate,& Advance Obedience: 

Focus commands, Sit, Down, Come, Leave-it, Drop- it, Bring it, Leash skills, Heeling, Stay, Place. 

Behavioral Modification Jumping, Destructive behaviors, Potty training, Aggression& Much More

 3-8 commands per dog depending on your dogs learning and practice.

Behavioral Modification-


Behavior modification is a treatment approach which is focused on changing behavior. This method is based on the work of B.F. Skinner, a well known psychologist who developed the operant conditioning theory -- which suggests that behavior can be modified by consequences and through reinforcement.

 To Solve: Jumping, destructive behaviors, Potty training, Aggression to humans + Dogs, Stubbornness, and Much More.

We Teach strategies to tackle those by signing up..........

 Private Training One Hour-  

60- 90 Mins  

           ​ $110-$160  Per Session                

  Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Obedience Focus commands, Sit, Down, Come, leave it, drop it, bring it, Leash skills, Heeling, Stay, Place.

​ Board to Train 

 2 week - 4 weeks  


     Exposure, Socialization, Basic- Advanced Training. Comes with a 3 month contract guarantee. Dog learns all essential commands plus fading off of treats or reward.​                            

Group Training

$160 per dog 

           Group Dog Training is done on Autumns Accokeek property. This positive group learning in environment and easy to follow lesson plan is the Perfect training for any beginner. 




  • DayTraining- (Doggie Daycare) 

  • 8:30 am- 5:30pm        $35  Per Day Per Dog                                     

  • Daily drop your pup off at our home to receive Training, socialization, And a couple of really good walks with some other pups.

  • Drop off are at 8am sharp and pick up is 5;30 pm 

  • There is a $10 Late fee after for every 30 mins late.

  • All dogs admitted to the day training program must be fully vaccinated. 

  • No retractable leashes allowed

  • Daily pick-ups and drop off available for an extra fee $20 .

During the day Walks & In Home Boarding: 

(if offered in your area) Currently Serving: 210 Fort Washington & Waldorf 

  1. Drop-in visits (walking/play 20 mins)- $35 per dog

  2. Drop in visits (walking/play 30 mins)-$45 per:  dog

  3. In home Pet sit (15-30 mins twice a day)- $75 per dog

  4. In home Pet sit (15- 30 mins 3 times a day) - $100 per dog

Walk Train & Play package:

Our Trusted Dog Trainers will come to your home to exhaust with your dog with training, walking and playing games. This package is seasonal and is a service provided during the weekday. Key Retention or a Walker  code will be required. 

1 hour of training and play:  $160 per dog 

See Class Dates

Board & Train

Training with Boarding 
At our facility

We will train your dog for you!


Going away for a couple of weeks?

Tired every training method? Just don't have time?



 Behavior modification is a treatment approach which is focused on changing behavior. This method is based on the work of B.F. Skinner, a well-known psychologist who developed the operant conditioning theory -- which suggests that behavior can be modified by consequences and through reinforcement.

            To Solve: Jumping, Destructive Behaviors, Potty Training, Aggression Towards humans, Dogs, Stubbornness, and Much More.

  • Our Country House is Located in Accokeek Maryland Autumn’s board to train program is a home away from home. Our ultimate goal is to train the fur family member proper manners and better responses. Here at our home your dog  will learn a series of things in a very short time. Such as boundaries, how to be a part of a well socialized pack, and proper play just to name a few.

  • Our Board to Train Package comes with a guarantee!!! If your dog loses the training within 6 months. Send your dog back to training Free of charge.

Our Home is a dream environment because the dog gets consistent proper communication.

  • During the duration of your dog’s stay he/ she will learn…...

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Leave it

  • Drop it/ Out

  • Off/Jumping

  • Leash work

  • Focus Commands

  • Proper Greeting

  • Calming Techniques in stressful environments

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training is included in the board to train package At the end of the board to train you will be able to say crate and with no fuss or chasing your dog will go into the crate

About the Trainer

Autumn Smith

Dog Walkers Maryland

16 + Years in the Pet industry

First Certified "Female African American" 

Holistic Canine Naturopathy 

Expertise with all breeds & temperaments

A Range of Dog training Techniques 

Background Checked 

"A bored dog will challenge you; Challenge dogs are never Boring."

I started my career in dogs at PetSmart as a cashier. I quickly learned that I had a special understanding and comprehension for an animal that cannot speak words. I began studying every dog and breed book I could get my hands on. Enjoying dog knowledge like a snack. I’ve always been a very determined person. Which lead me to wanting to be one of PetSmart youngest Lead dog trainers.  After having an amazing mentor teaching me all he knows before retiring. I went on to become the Youngest PetSmart Certified dog trainer at only 15 years old. Teaching classes, setting up lesson plans, dealing with aggressive dogs, and making class a blast. By the age of 17 I accumulated more than 300 hours of teaching time.

 That same year I gained a little media attention for my local work with dogs. Me and My 7-year-old Dogo Argentine Mastiff began to do interviews on television to spread knowledge about importance of Good dog food and Easy home obedience.

            After High school I decided to stick with the career I had already began to establish. After working with PetSmart for so long I decided to start College courses to learn about animal behavior. This is when I began with Animal Behavioral College.

            Between struggling through courses and raising a family my dog training studies began to fall to the side. Missing something and unsure where to go. I found another local dog trainer with much more experience and so much to offer.

            Her and I joined forces to put southern Maryland on the map for dog training. She much more educated, experienced, and established retired Maryland state trooper began to train me. For the next 5 years she taught me all she knows about search & rescue, Agility, Behavioral modification, K-9-unit training, AKC Show Training, and Tricks. Long story short she handed me 30 years of K-9 police force training in five. Alongside of my mentor I watched her build a thriving and successful Dog training business in Southern MD.

            During this time, I acquired several Certificates of my own.

Certified as Natural Animal Health Coach & Animal Naturopathic Consultant with A.C.A.N- The American Council of Animal Naturopathy LLC.

Certified by Duke University for Dog Cognition & Emotion.

And Visiting the Canine Cognition Center for Study –Work program.

I am Certified by Animal Behavior College as a Dog Trainer and Behaviorist

After receiving the certifications, I Stepped out on my own. I had now developed my own method of Training and Teaching technique. I have now set up a learning environment for humans and dogs that’s I have dreamed of since I was 14 years old. A comfortable family friendly learning environment where dogs can be dogs. A place where we work for happiness with boundaries and Love with licks. A place where no question is a dumb question and first time Dog owners can bring their new pup for advice. Sign up for a session with me I have so much information to share. 


About Autumn
Board & Train

This charming and spacious house is located in the quiet and beautiful neighborhood in Accokeek Maryland.

An amazing place for a family dog to learn vital foundations and continual learning. 

We have fields and fence in spaces for your canine to be comfortable. We House our dogs in two locations on the property according to level of program 

Our Resort

Our Canine 







Certified Holistic Canine Knowledge