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Growing Pains in Large and Giant Breed Puppies

Large & Giant breed dogs grow so fast. The AKC Weight standards are Large breeds are 50 -100 pounds. Giant breeds are considered 100+ pounds.

With dogs getting up to these sizes image all their bodies have to do to get there. 80% of all dog show signs of “Growing pains” or the technical term Panosteitis.

Or in the old days they called it “New bone”.


What is Panosteitis?

sometimes shortened to pano among breeders, is an occasionally seen long bone condition in large breed dogs. It manifests with sudden, unexplained pain and lameness that may shift from leg to leg, usually between 5 and 14 months of age, earning the nickname "growing pains. Signs such as fever, weight loss, anorexia, and lethargy can also be seen. The cause is unknown, but genetics, stress, infection, metabolism, or an autoimmune component may be factors.It has also been suggested that rapid growth and high-protein food are involved in the pathogenesis.


What are some symptoms?

•Lameness, stiffness

• Slight swelling

• Fever

• Lethargic



Make the dog comfortable during this time. Do not exacerbate the problem. Stress can make pain worst. Allow the puppy to rest. You can turn to medications to ease the pain and reduce healing time. To go to a Vet they would prescribe you asprins & anti inflammatory medicine.

Sorce: Wikipedia, VCA Animals, Holistic Dogsy

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