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March’s Super Food Green Tripe☘️🥦

Green Tripe is March’s Super Food of the month.

Green Tripe slimey and smelly sits as top ingredient for raw feeders & ingredients I look for in kibble and dog treats.

What is Green Tripe?

Green Tripe is the edible stomach parts of a grazing animal ie. Cow, lamb, buffalo.

Hard to come by but craved by all dog breeds.

Green Tripe is a protein that has added benefits.


Packed full of enzymes and probiotics for a healthy digestion. Green Tripe is direct competition for any dog vitamins or supplement company. I mean in its raw form it has calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, healthy fats the list goes on & so can I. We are talking a complete package of nutrients.

Picky eaters

Don’t stand a chance when it comes to Green Tripe anything. It’s the perfect smelly treat. I often use it as a high reward treat dehydrated. I’ve seen even the most stubborn Shih Tzu & Blue Heeler come to me for just a sniff of this green nugget.

Where can you get it?

This is the issue Green Tripe is hard to come by. I know of local share meat groups on Facebook that I be seen now and then have it. You can easily order a “low heat” canned form of Green Tripe off of the Internet. I often see it in treats. (My Secret🤫)

But you cannot get it from or grocery store. That is the bleached kind. And you want unbleached lightly rinsed Green Tripe.

I know of a lady who dogs where obsessed with it and every know and then she would get it and when she would pull into the driveway with it her dogs would howl from smelling it.

Green Tripe

Feeding your dogs healthy fats is great for brain function and cognitive behavior. If you want your dog to think and make good independent decisions you have to give them the leg up. If your feeding them McDonald’s & Mountain Dew foods (Iams, Science diet, Purina, Pro plan, any thing with corn and by products) you are not allowing the brain to function properly and causing diseases. Everyday it will be hard for them to focus. This is very serious dogs aren’t living for longer then 5 years.

Your dogs will love it and you will use this as a reward for great behavior and a long healthier life.

Autumn The Dog Trainer

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