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Proper Petting Can Calm Your dog.

Yes, it’s true you can calm a stressed or overly active dog with a simple petting technique commonly known as TTouch.

The T in TTouch stands for Tellington named after the developer who was a horse trainer/expert. TTOUCH is a method of circular motions and touching techniques to help animals feel more relaxed, encourages focus, and more receptive to learn.

Heres the science:

TTouch likely engages the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing muscle tension and allowing heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to slow, in effect bringing stress levels down. Bringing the stress level down may allow a dog (or person or horse) to have more body awareness, which can help if the body is compensating because of a past fear or pain, says Frediani. “The touches, in some fashion, help to release that memory and bring about healthy function in the cells.”

Now how do you use it & when?

To learn the absolute proper touching techniques. You should hire a TTouch practitioner.

TTouch offers a range of different petting techniques from Simple to difficult. I work the system into my everyday obedience. While out with my pup I do simple quick touch called “The chimp”.

Once we finish training I reward with a longer touch technique.

This preps the dog for rest and next training session. This training system we use everyday. For more information about TTouch and Dog training tips. Subscribe to our website.

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1 Comment

Oct 15, 2020

Good morning,

Thank you for such valuable information. Please send me a link or tell me where to get the Green Tripe for Trooper.

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